Are you based in Udaipur or looking for website design company in Udaipur?

You have come to right place, We at ARE InfoTech well known for website design in Udaipur. Before hiring any website design company in Udaipur, you must be wanted to know about website design cost and how the cost calculation takes place. Before we talk about pricing and explaining our pricing, we spend time talking to the business owner and understanding what they want to achieve from their website. Is your website going to be a simple online resume of your company that all business must have now days. Or, are you looking to sell products online or looking for online booking feature to increase leads. Once we know more about the business we can certainly begin giving best website design cost.

Before going on any website design cost parameter let me clear one thing that don’t think about FREE Website from online website builder.

Free Website – A half way approach towards your potential customer or visitor

A great and popular website is a combination of so many ingredients like, appealing design, user-friendly interface, and functionalities for user interaction, good loading speed and search engine ranking.  When you use a free website builder tool you will miss all above mentioned points. It is always advisable to choose Website Design Company rather than going for free website builder.

Website Types and Costing

Based on functionality and user interface website are broadly divided into following categories –

  • Static Website - A static website is a collection of individually built web pages that are not easily updated by you. You need website design company help whenever you want any update on website. Such website will start from INR 5000 in Udaipur.
  • Dynamic Website OR CMS Website - With a content managed website, you are able to update your web pages without assistance from your website design company. Such website will start from INR 10,000 in Udaipur and based on your functionality and user interface may increase to some thousand to lakhs.
  • Ecommerce Website – Ecommerce website or online store cost usually depend on various parameters e.g.- Product categories, Selection filters, Logistic module, Shipping module, Payment process , Wish list and most important the business model. A normal online store will cost you INR 30,000 and based on complexity and user interface it may increase.

If you need help or advice in determining where to start your website design project, then contact us for a free consultation.